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Pitched Roofing Services In Folkestone


Most of the houses you see around in Folkestone has a pitched roof. A pitched roof is a roof that slopes downwards and offers several benefits. Fairview Folkestone Roofing is a local roofing company specializing in pitched roofing services in Folkestone and the surrounding areas. Our team at Fairview Folkestone Roofing is fully qualified, experienced and trained to undertake all pitched roofing services to the highest standards. We can tackle all sizes and complexity of the project. So if you are considering getting a new pitched roof installed, an old one repaired, or just a refurbishment of the pitched roof, we are here to help!

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New Pitched Roofs


Roofs are a critical part of your property, and it is why our team at Fairview Folkestone Roofing are proud to install high quality pitched roofs. We work with a variety of clients and provide exceptional roof installation services for new builds, flats, extensions lofts and more. We are always eager to work with all types of properties and ensure every roof is installed to the highest quality. Our team is trained, experienced and equipped to reach the standards that our clients expect from us. All our pitched roofs will last for a long time, and you will not have to worry about its condition a few months or years down the line. So if you are looking for a pitched roof that will last for years, give us a call!

24 Hours Roofing Services

If you are in the midst of a crisis and your pitched roof is failing, our team is available 24/7 for emergency roof repairs. Whether it is a branch that has damaged your roof or the roof is leaking after heavy rainfall, our team can come by immediately and fix it for you before it gets worse.


Pitched Roofs Overhauls


Pitched roofs can weaken and start having problems such as leaks, water pooling, and more with time. If your pitched roof has lost its charm and durability, our pitched roof overhauls services would be perfect for you. Instead of opting for a completely new roof, our team can revamp your existing pitched roof to enhance its aesthetics. It is much more economical and can help renew your roof without taking on a full-blown replacement. In addition, our team work closely with the best suppliers and provide a pitched roof system with the best finishes.

Pitched Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Even though pitched roofs can last for many years without any issues, they can sometimes experience issues that need to be fixed immediately. For example, leaks, damage due to weather or improper installation calls for you to hire experienced roofers. Our staff is highly experienced in all aspects of roofing repairs and can provide you with the best service possible. As a licensed and accredited roofing company, we are up-to-date with the latest roofing regulations and ensure everything is performed to code. We also provide a number of maintenance plans to help you maintain your pitched roof in top condition to minimize the need for emergency repairs.


Advantages of Pitched Roofing


Roofs have evolved over the years, but pitched roofs are still as popular today as decades ago. They still remain one of the most common roofing types for homes in Folkestone and the most efficient one. Here are some of the top reasons why our clients use pitched roofing for their homes


Pitched roofs come in many different styles, designing and sizes. You can choose from a two-sided sloped roof to other complex shapes that come with valleys and hips. The versatility of this roof type is unlimited, and you can easily express yourself freely.

Energy Savings

Most homes lose about 25-35% of energy through the roof. Pitched roofs allow for natural ventilation between the property and the outside layer, thus allowing for energy preservation

Thermal Insulation

Properties with pitched roofs are more compact than those with flat roofs. Its reduction of space results in greater thermal insulation since there is less surface exposed to the outside.

Protection Against Weather

Pitched roofs can easily withstand water, ice, snow and wind. In addition, since they are shaped like a triangle, they allow better water drainage. They are also stronger and stable than other roofing types.

Additional space

Pitched roofing allows extra storage space or rooms below them without adding expensive flooring to the building.

Longer Lifespan

Flat roofs require ongoing maintenance to ensure they do not leak. Even though they are a little expensive than flat roofs, Pitched roofs require fewer repairs and are cheaper to maintain.


To enjoy all the benefits of pitched roofing, they need to be installed correctly. Our team offers a wide range of pitched roofing solutions that can be tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with quality in everything we do. We also offer a flat roofing service, give us a call if you need a quote!

Pitched Roof Cleaning

It is important to clean the pitched roof from time to time, but it is difficult as the roof is sloped. Working on a pitched roof requires training and skill. DIY roof cleaning can be dangerous and lead to accidents. You can slip and fall over uneven areas. If you are worried about your dirty roof but are unable to reach the spots, reach out to us. Our roofers can easily handle all the cleaning for you. Our team can come and remove the debris, leaves, moss and even algae stains from the roof to ensure your roof looks clean and does not impact the health of you and your family member.


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