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Folkestone is a seaside town in southeast England. Like most towns in this region, it is prone to a high volume of rainfall. It’s no secret that flat roofing solutions are the best way to deal with rainwater infiltration in Folkestone. But finding a reliable and affordable roofing company can be a challenge.

Fairview Roofing is the perfect solution for your flat roofing needs. We have years of experience installing roofs in Folkestone, and our flat roofers offer competitive rates that won’t break the bank.

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New Roof Installation and Replacement

Our Flat Roofing Solutions

Whether you are looking for a new roofing installation for a brand-new property or roof replacement for older houses, you can count on professional roofing contractors at Fairview Folkestone Roofing.

We are proud to outfit homes and local businesses with flawless and efficient workmanship no matter what. With our friendly flat roofing team, fast turnaround time and affordable rates, we will provide you with new roof construction services without making you wait or hurting your wallet, unlike any other roofer. Over the years, our experts have mastered the most effective new roof installation process and are extremely meticulous to ensure every detail is done right even if the roof consists of multiple layers.


With so many different types of flat roofing systems available in the market, for example fibreglass roofs, it can be confusing which one would be right for you. Each of them has a host of benefits, different features and methods of installation.

We offer the following types of modern, high-quality flat roofing systems :

Build-Up Roof (BUR)

Traditionally, these kinds of roofs were made of hot, smooth tar and gravel material alternated with plies of waterproof material. But today there are made of more advanced materials like fibreglass membranes. It is one of the cheapest varieties of flat roofs and is an excellent fire retardant. They are perfect for roofs overlooking a deck or windows.

Modified Bitumen Roof

It is a single-ply roof with a mineral-based wear surface. As the material is unrolled on the roof, the adhesive is heated along the way to torch down the system. You can also find easier to use peel and stick system nowadays. These are highly energy-efficient and help cut down energy bills. The torch-down application is a fire hazard and should be performed by professionals only.

Rubber Roofing

This is another single-ply membrane material made of true rubber and looks like an inner tube. However, it is resistant to damage from sunlight. It is anchored to the roof with fasteners, glue or ballasted with stone. Since the material is extremely light compared to other products, it is resistant to tears and scuffs with rough use.

Felt Roofing

Roof tiles are usually found in commercial properties. Tiles are laid out in rows and columns to create a pattern that resembles a checkerboard. They are installed using special tools and equipment.

Tiled Roofing

Roof tiles are usually found in commercial properties. Tiles are laid out in rows and columns to create a pattern that resembles a checkerboard. They are installed using special tools and equipment.

Roof Coatings

Looking to get a new roof coating? Our roof coatings come in various colours and textures that make any rooftop look great. Whether you want a classic white colour or something more unique, you can choose from a variety of options.

Conservatory Roof

These are usually built over a concrete slab or wooden frame. They are designed to keep out moisture and heat while allowing air circulation. They come in various shapes and sizes, but they are mostly used as outdoor living spaces.


Guttering is a drainage system installed on the eaves of a building to carry water away from the house. It is generally made of metal or plastic and comes in various styles and designs. If you have any problems with your gutter, we are here to help.

Chimney Work

Our roofs chimneys workers are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of chimney repair, maintenance and replacement. From cleaning and repairing to installing new ones, we do it all!

Roof Windows

If you need a new roof window, we are here to assist you. Choose from a wide range of styles, including sliding, hinged and fixed windows.  We also offer customised solutions for your specific needs and used only established brands like Velux.

Reliable Roofing Company in Folkestone!

We offer a wide range of flat roofing services to the local community. From new flat roofs, and replacements to repairs, we do them all.

Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance Services

A flat roof offers numerous advantages over pitched roofs; however, it is not immune to problems. Water can cause substantial damage to your property, and it is the roof that keeps the rain and other weather elements out of the property.

However, when some problems happen to your roof, they can no longer protect your property from water intrusion.


Flat roofs can leak due to various reasons, including :

Outmoded roofing technology

Exposure to UV rays

Wrong installation

Water pooling on the roof

Extreme weather condition

Shoddy maintenance

Puncture due to equipment installation

Our roofing experts at Fairview Folkestone Roofing are knowledgeable and skilled in flat roof repairs and maintenance services. Our experts can repair any flat roof and offer an efficient finish to length the roof’s life. We can help recognize the problem before they become something big and even identify the situations that need immediate attention. Our team is also skilled in restoration systems that are much more cost effective and can help reduce the need to replace your roof and constant repairs. With our flat coating systems, you can keep your existing roof and save a lot of time. 

Emergency Roofing


If you find yourself in an emergency roofing situation, call us immediately. Our specialists will be able to assess the situation and provide you with the best solution for your needs. Most roofing companies rarely provide strong customer service and that is where we differ, we treat your home as if it was our own.

Whether you have a problem with your soffit, fascia or roof surface, we can fix them all. We are available 24/7 and can work around your schedule. We offer a number of other roof services including pitched roof extension, fibreglass roof covering and many more.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Folkestone Roofers – Fairview Roofing

With over decades of experience in the roofing industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver quality workmanship and perfect flat roofs. As a family-run business, we value customer service and client satisfaction above everything else. No wonder a lot of business that we get is through customer referrals. Here are some reasons why we are the right choice for you:


Experienced Roofers

We have been in this business for decades and flat roofers in Folkestone have knowledge and expertise in all aspects of roofing.That means we know what works best and how to do it properly.

You will be getting top-notch workmanship every time – no matter the size or scale of the project.

Professional Service

We are a local company yet we are professional in our approach. As roofing specialists, we understand the importance of providing quality workmanship and delivering timely results. We always aim to meet deadlines and ensure that all projects are completed within the agreed budget. We also adhere to building regulations and stay compliant. In addition, we are also members of professional trade associations.

Affordable Prices

We understand that installing a flat roof should not cost a fortune.

That’s why we do not charge outrageous amounts of money to our customers.

Our price promise is our unwavering word to you. Rest assured that it’s going to be affordable and competitive.

Free Quotes and Estimates

When we say that our pricing won’t break your bank, don’t take our word for it.

Call us with your project details, and we will offer free quotations so that you can compare us against other roofers and know for yourself how reasonable we are in our pricing.

Bonded, Insured and Certified

Fairview Roofing is a bonded, insured and certified roofing company.This means that we are legally obliged to protect you from any liability. In case a mishap happens, we have full insurance coverage for your peace of mind.

Outstanding Customer Service

We believe that great customer service starts with listening to your needs and concerns. We provide one-on-one service and make sure to address all your questions and queries. We strive to create long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering them excellent service. That’s the secret to our 5 star reviews and ratings.

Why are Flat Roofs a Popular Choice?


A flat roof is not completely flat and has a slight slope to drain water. Usually, the flat roof is built with a slight slope to provide some amount of drainage.

The slope is around ¼ inch per foot. Flat roofs were widely used in arid climates to allow extra roof space to be used as a living roof. Even though they once had a bad reputation because of their low resistance to heavy rains, modern and innovative flat roofing materials have turned things around for them.

The popularity of flat roofs Folkestone is steadily growing, and they appear more and more in commercial and residential buildings. If you are considering a flat roof over a sloped roof for your property or need repairs for your existing roof, we can help!

Fairview Folkestone Roofing specializes in different types of flat roofing services, including new installation, repairs, and maintenance. Our professional roofers are well-trained, follow the best practices and ensure all safety precautions during the job. Our team has helped residential owners and business owners in Folkestone with all of their roofing needs.

When it comes to your flat roofing project, our experts will work with you to ensure your expectations are exceeded with minimal disruption.

Apart from commercial and industrial buildings, flat roofs are widely being used in residential buildings.


Here are some of the top reasons why flat roofing are popular among homeowners and commercial building owners:

One of the top reasons for the popularity of flat roofs is easy accessibility. They are much easier to climb and walk on to inspect. As a result, they are safer and more stable than sloped roofing.

A flat roof can accommodate equipment like air conditioning vents and exhausts. Since its surface is flat, it provides greater stability for them even when they are in operation.

On average, a flat roof can last for 30 years and more as it is made of gravel and tar. Thus, its durability and longevity are other top reasons why these roofs are so popular.

Flat roofs are more affordable than pitched roofs and are also less expensive to install. Even re-coating a flat roof years later is cheap.

Flat roofs make for great roof decks. It allows for a large space for entertaining and relaxing. Roof decks also help the roof from damage.

Flat roofs offer green roofing options helping help lowering cooling and heating costs. Many people grow small drought-resistant plants on the roof to extend their life

Areas We Serve

We serve most of the locations and villages in Folkestone Kent.

If you live in an area that is distant, please get in touch and we will do our best to serve you.

Make the Right Choice With Fairview Roofing!

Apart from selecting the right flat roofing material, who you pick to install it is also critical.

Fairview Folkestone Roofing strives to ensure every single customer has the very best experience when they work with us. To further demonstrate our passion for quality, we provide our clients with a long term workmanship guarantee apart from the manufactured warranty.

If you are looking for a flat roofing contractor in Folkestone, feel free to contact us for more information. We will be more than happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs in-depth and offer a solution tailored to your request.